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Titanium Absolute Pants

+ Made in POLYESTER and in high quality and tenacity DYNAX.

+ 1000D CORDURA on the backside of the pants.

+ Ergonomic cut for a better comfort.

+ Complete airy lining.

+ Synthetic fabric on the knees.

+ Several high quality SPANDEX.

+ Airy parts on calves.

+ RUBBER patches.

+ RUBBER patch «AIRFLOW» for the ventilation of the thigh.

+ Pipings and double seam.

+ Pocket with zipper on the hip.

+ Silicone on the backside of the pants for a better maintenance.

+ Preformed belt.

+ Adjustable system on the waist like goggle’s band.

+ Adjustable belt system by a micrometric buckle.

+ This product is not an IPE (Individual protection equipment).